What is a UX Content Writer and 3 Things They Perfect

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Knowing what is a UX content writer and what they do is incredibly helpful when 75% of a website’s credibility is due to design and how user friendly it is. UX (user experience) content writers design most of the parts of a website or app that aren’t blog posts or articles (that would be copywriting). This includes buttons, links, descriptions, page layouts, menus, and other navigation. To cover this topic we will go over:

  • What is a UX content writer.
  • What they do.
  • The benefits of their methods.
  • Content types they perfect.

What is a UX Content Writer

UX Content Writers

Content writers are the people who create the text of a blog post, article, advertisement, or post on social media. UX content writers create content that helps users navigate pages, posts, and websites, making it as friendly as possible. Basically, their job is one part writing and two parts designing (and perhaps another part user research depending on the budget and company).

What they do

UX content writers make pages as user friendly as possible by: 

  • Adding buttons and links,
  • Organizing items logically,
  • Simplifying pathways,
  • Reinforcing ideas with images,
  • Clarifying topics.

Benefits of Utilizing a UX Content Writers

Making content for good user experience includes the benefits of:

  • Making information easier to find.
  • Crafting Topics into easily-digestible parts.
  • Molding documents to be simple to use.
  • Enticing the reader to actually read the content.
  • Making navigation easier and more fun.
  • Empathizing with users, making them feel heard.

What UX Content Writers Perfect

Layout and Navigation

Users need to find what they are looking for quickly, or they will get frustrated. Thus, UX writers make menus, buttons, and other forms of navigation (much like road signs) to lead users to their destination. However, UX writers know not to throw everything at the users all at once. Have you ever heard of decision paralysis? It’s when someone has too many choices and freezes from it. This is why they usually organize every 3-5 things (say pages) into a group (like a menu); thus giving the users options without overwhelming them.

UX content writers design buttons to better guide users through a site or app. Buttons help website and app designers guide users from page to page, leading them through the site. Buttons can be designed a number of ways, but are usually a different color than the background and circle or oval shape. Buttons can be personalized further to give them a unique feel to make the website design more personalized for the brand. 

UX content writers make sure that the way they organize/categorize elements is logical and easy to pick up on. This helps with the feeling of unison in the design and gives a sense of what to expect that helps users find things easily. They may make an organization graph of their method and elements to make sure everything is easy to find and the method is intuitive to users. Also, they use proper information architecture organization to make details easier to find.

site map example

UX content writers also design instructions and manuals on how to do something. Have you noticed how many pages have a ‘help’ section, tab, or icon? This is because nothing is foolproof; there will be people who look at something that seems simple and be confused immediately, no matter how well designed it is. Thus, many brands how UX writers put together step by step instructions on how to find or use something. Not only does this reduce customer service calls, but this also makes customers happier and more trusting of the brand.


One thing to note about what is a UX content writer is that they are product oriented rather than sales oriented. Thus, when in marketing, they will market the product to make it as user friendly as possible and are more understanding when users don’t like the product. This might not result in as many sales, but it will result in happier users. A UX content writer will focus on making sure that users can find the product and understand what it is and its benefits and features when making product listings. This may include:

  • A 360 degree image of the product.
  • A concise description of the product and what it is intended to do.
  • Bulleted lists of the features.
  • The current price in bold and any current sale’s price in an easy to read font.
  • A list of reviews from customers of the product.

A landing page is always the first page a user sees when they go to a website and is focused on advertising to the site’s audience. UX content writers make the landing page user friendly by making clear what is being advertised and how it can help the user (possibly better than other brands).

Having a UX content writer make a call to action will guarantee that it is made with your users in mind. A call to action is a prompt for someone to do something. In marketing, calls to action are a form of advertising, like asking for users to buy something or subscribe to newsletters. A good call to action has 1-3 main things you want your users to do. A good UX call to action has 1-3 things that your users want to do and is empathizing with them, making it more effective.

Paragraphs and other Text

UX content writer’s write (or edit existing content to become) in plain language. Plain Language is content that is written to ensure that the reader can easily scan a document, understand its main points, find specific details quickly, and use the document as intended. This is critical for technical writers, bloggers, and other content creators. This includes: 

  • Using headings to sort topics, 
  • Addressing the reader directly,
  • Being concise as reasonably possible,
  • Writing in active voice and at a 6th grade level, and 
  • Using bulleted and numbered lists to organize lists of information.

Users like getting feedback from their actions and inputs. Feedback is the communication of someone’s reaction or thoughts about your actions or words. This can be a button that sinks into the page when clicked or a happy image (bonus points if animated) on the next page after the user bought something. 

Clever UX content writers also give constructive feedback when something goes wrong like a 404 error (Oops! We can’t find that page. Please go back to the trail.) or a user doesn’t fill out a required box on a form (We need your phone number because … Don’t worry; we won’t share this information with anyone else). On top of that, UX content writers write in a helpful tone, making it clear that they understand where the user is coming from and that they want to help them succeed in their task.


UX content writers design most of the parts of a website or app that aren’t blog posts or articles (that would be copywriting). This includes buttons, links, descriptions, page layouts, menus, and other navigation. We went over:

  • What is a UX content writer.
  • What they do.
  • The benefits of their methods.
  • Content types they perfect.

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