Personal Writing and Editing Aid for Clarity

SJ Usability Services also provides User Experience and Technical Writing services:


Does the thought of writing a report or short form fill you with dread? Maybe you just don’t have time to write a proposal. SJ Usability Services can help by writing it for you! Our compositions are:

  • Grammar error-free.
  • Technically written so the audience will understand the topic.
  • Personally designed for your goals in mind.

Pricing by Project

Ghost Blog writer: 200-1000 word blog post – $120-$650

Report/essay Writer: 1-5 pages – $200-$900

Advertisement – branded ad for a group or company – $120-$360

Pricing by Hour

For other writing projects, our services just cost $30 an hour, so contact us today!

The following usability report aided in redesigning a non-profits website to make it even better:


Basic software editing will not catch all errors, like ‘how to fin friends’ or “Driving to Georgia, our cat…”

It has been shown that the bounce rate on landing pages with sloppy spelling and grammar was 85%.

We can help! We will copyedit your document or other written item to ensure it:

  • Is consistent.
  • Is accurate.
  • Is free of grammatical errors.
  • Has no factual errors.

Just tell us which style to use, and we’ll do the rest!

Pricing by Project

Basic Copyediting:

  • 1-4 pages – $90-$360
  • 5-9 pages – $450-$800
  • 10-20 pages – $900-$1500
  • 20+ pages – $1800-$2500

Pricing by the hour

Our services for other projects just cost $30 an hour, so contact us today!


I edited the following proposal before it was sent in to the city council for consideration.

Meetings are made through Zoom; a failure to show at an appointment/meeting without 12 hours warning will result in a $15 no show fee.