Analytical Skills


Analytical skills in TCID are skills in breaking down complex items to analyze them using logical reasoning in order to identify issues and find solutions. This requires communication, creativity, critical thinking, analysis of facts and data, and, sometimes, research topics and information.

Project: Editing Colorado Springs Economic Recovery And Oz Assessment


To improve the professional level of the document, a team came together to edit the document’s grammar and formatting and send back the edited version to the client.

Skills used:

  • Creativity
  • Critical thinking
  • Analysis of facts and data
  • Research of topics and information


In November 2020, I edited the “Colorado Springs Economic Recovery And Oz Assessment” paper. The team of two people had two weeks to do this and did not have a contact with the client to ask questions. We started by reading through the document to gain an understanding of the main topics and the intended audience, then went through and edited the grammar and formatting, and finally delivered the edited document to the client.

By going over the wording, checking the online Webster dictionary, and conducting other research, I was able to make a style guide of what way specific words are spelled, hyphenated, and used based on the client’s writing style. It took some critical thinking to find definitions of some original words in the document and find a way to make those definitions clear to the audience. Analyzing long sentences to find basic grammar mistakes was also necessary; ways to make subjects and ideas more clear and sentences more concise were analyzed and implemented.

The original formatting of the paper was not obvious and took in-depth thinking to figure out that there were five layers of headings that all needed their own formatting to help differentiate the different subheading layers. The table of contents needed a bit of work as well to show the difference between the main headings and subheadings. It took creativity to keep most of the client’s style while making the document technically written so that readers can find information easier.


From this project, I showed the abilities of analysis of facts, context, and the writers’ wishes; creativity; critical thinking; and research in grammar style, hyphenation, and the spelling of words. The ability that was missing is communication. While this project did not allow communication between the editors and writers to aid understanding of definitions and context, I still need to work on better communication since I am naturally a shy, quiet person who does not want to rock the boat or bother people with my problems.

In the future, I plan to be more direct and open about my goals and thinking so that the group can come to a consensus about goals and expectations for the project. I intend to participate more in discussions in order to better communication in the team and improve the collaboration. I also need to use critical thinking more: I intend to stop and really consider all things that are influencing a complex matter so that I make better thought-out decisions and don’t miss anything.

Final Result:

Below are the edits that were sent back to the writers before they published this paper.