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Website Building and Design for Improved Web Presence

Want a website but aren’t sure where to start? Have a website that hasn’t been touched in over a decade? We can help! We can build you or update a website that you can be proud of and you consumers will love, too. We will make your website is made for users and Google’s Analytics by:

  • Making it optimized for mobile users.
  • Ensuring it is HTTPS secure.
  • Following intrusive interstitial guidelines.
  • Making it optimized under Core Web Vitals:
    • Low Largest Contentful Paint
    • Short First Input Delay
    • Few Cumulative Layout Shifts

It will be built especially for you:

  • Designed for your customers and your goals in mind.
  • Engaging for you and your users to use.
  • A professional aesthetic that will keep your style and tone.
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Our services just cost $30 an hour or by the specific project, so contact us today!

Pricing by Project

Building a Basic website: Home page, About page, a few Content pages, basic SEO optimization, and basic branding – $500

Moving an Existing site: Move all (or just desired) content from an existing site to a new one with an update of design and UI for the new site – $600-$2400 (Depends on how much content needs moving, cleaning, and updating) (Does not include domain or name rights costs.)

Update an Existing site: Sometimes you just want a change of design or update content – $300

Logo Design: A custom made logo with your brand and users in mind – $350$600

Designing merch and setting up Ecommerce to site: Designed, branded merchandise (15 or less products) aimed at your main customers and add a working store to your site – $180-$550

Just Designing merch: Designed, branded merchandise aimed at your main customers with your desired profit margin

  • 1-15 products –$90
  • 16-25 products –$170
  • 26-40 products – $250

These websites have already benefited from my website building and design services:

SJ Usability Services also provides other User Experience and Technical Writing services:


Does the thought of writing a report or short form fill you with dread? Maybe you just don’t have time to write a proposal. SJ Usability Services can help by writing it for you! Our compositions are:

  • Grammar error-free.
  • Technically written so the audience will understand the topic.
  • Personally designed for your goals in mind.

Our services just cost $25 an hour or by the project, so contact us today!

The following usability report aided in redesigning a non-profits website to make it even better:

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We will copyedit your document or other written item to ensure it:

  • Is consistent.
  • Is accurate.
  • Is free of grammatical errors.
  • Has no factual errors.

I edited the following proposal before it was sent in to the city council for consideration.

Pricing by Project

Ghost Blog writer: 200-1000 word blog post – $120-$650

Report/essay Writer: 1-5 pages – $200-$900

Advertisement – branded ad for a group or company – $120-$360

Pricing by Hour

For other writing projects, our services just cost $30 an hour, so contact us today!

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